Welcome to EVO Shorty Bulls!

From the beginning my passion and love for Shorty Bulls has fueled me to advance EVOLines Shorty Bulls at every opportunity possible.  With years of research and knowledge I build Shorty Bulls to get excited about.  From conformation champions to healthy-family-companions my focus is always on the end goal; to build and breed the best Shorty Bulls possible. EVOLine Shorty Bulls isn’t just the name of my kennel is symbolizes my belief in what I do.  EVOline is Shorty Bull Evolution. I love talking about my dogs and educating people about the breed, so feel free to call me with any questions you have about shorty bulls, or my EVOLine Shorty Bulls.  My name is Nissa Mauldin and I am a Shorty Bull addict.


Contact me about upcoming breedings and puppies currently available!

785-851-8887 or evolineshorty@gmail.com

For more information about Evo Shorty Bulls check out my about page!

EVOLINE Shorty Bulls strives to stay in line with the original vision set forth by creator Jamie Sweet to see more information about the Shorty Bulls Origins check out Shorty Bulls 101.